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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: Marytza
  • Premiered: 2003-06-21
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    • Midtown Perfect
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    I started this video along time before i started the ben folds version, and yet IT got done sooner... why is that?

    Anyway lets start off by the title, im sure most of you are wondering since it's based off of Final Fantasy 8, why it's called Marytza. Because it's for my girlfriend (of two months :P). really the only reason it's called that is because one shes my girlfriend and it's dedicated to her, and two the song is just something I wanted to do because it reflects our relationship almost exactly.

    Basicly this video is Final Fantasy 8 at it's absolute best, I do not belive I have actually seen a better final fantasy video.. I put my all into this, and I hope you really enjoy it...

    Tech Stuffage:
    Computer (P2, 10 GB hard drive)
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    PsxMC (for ripping the video)
    Midtown (living well is the best revenge) Compact Disc

    On a final note, you will notice at the end, there is a dedication, please read it carefully ^_^...

    P.s: Please Review

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