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  • Member: Mack_The_Knife
  • Title: Welcome To The Jungle
  • Premiered: 2003-06-20
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    • Guns N' Roses welcome to the jungle
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  • Comments: The footage from this AMV ranged from episodes 26-52, and 71-93. There's real no point to this video, except that One Piece is a crazy insane funny show. Why Guns and Roses? My friend Meg mentioned that Welcome To The Jungle would be a great song for one of her AMVs and.. well... ^_^; yeah.. she doesn't really consider me a friend anymore and- j/k... I told her I was using the song for my video and she was a little less than thrilled. I'm SORRY MEG! it was the perfect song.. Yes- anyway, the hardest part was taking all the various footage from the 50-something episodes I had, I tried to make ut work even though I don't have the first 26 episodes (on a clean good DVD source, I mean) and taking out subtitles is a real bitch. *points to Master Of Mosquiton video* I don't wanna go back to THAT again.

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