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  • Member: AngelDragoon
  • Title: Lionheart [Project OrgEditor Season 3 Non-Competing Entry]
  • Premiered: 2013-04-21
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    • Of Monsters and Men King and Lionheart
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    This round for P.O.E., although non-competing, was a bit difficult to come up with. I didn't want to make a video that described all of my features, since it would probably take longer than a week to accurately portray. Finding something specific was also a little difficult, but one of the most profound characteristic of my personality, and the thing I chose to focus on, is my strength.

    The video should be thought of in a more symbolic sense than an actual literal representation. (Although I suppose if there was a giant tower locking up loved ones with villains needing to be fought in real life, I can't say I wouldn't undertake the task). On the outside I am quiet and reserved, save for instances of dry humor and moments of irritability. Internally, though, quite emotionally strong, and that is who I believe a person would see after meeting me and especially in a defining moment.

    The video compasses two sides of the same idea. On one side, I'm sometimes placed in the role of the hero. I don't cry when people need a rock and I don't run when people need help. This is undoubtedly true in the case of my close friends and family. If it ever came down to it, I would fight with everything I had to keep people safe, even if I needed to rely on 'mind over matter'. On the other side, I'm strong when people need help in their own heroic efforts. I'm usually always 'mother hen' in times of turmoil and, if nothing else, there to provide advice if they seek it.

    Yet, through it all, I would not be either of these without the people that helped me get there. I have had encouragement and have been surrounded by love, and it has made me want to be strong. It is not a trait that I believe will ever be shaken because I want to be always strong for the people who matter to me.

    In the words of a wonderfully humorous science fiction movie, and one I have been known to quote often, “Never give up, never surrender!”

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