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  • Member: hamstar138
  • Title: P.O.E Season 3 Final Round (Non-Competing)- All I Can Be Is.....
  • Premiered: 2013-04-20
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    • Anze Hijiri Nakama Tachi
    • sailormoon For the Sake of the Princess...
    • Sakimoto Hitoshi Kimi no iru Sekai
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  • Comments:  photo AllICanBeIsPoster_zps2ec89e2b.jpg

    This AMV was one of the most difficult things I ever had to make...emotionally that is.

    I wanted to do the final round of P.O.E Season 3, Non-Competing section where the topic was Persona. We had to create an AMV based on our internal persona and also say what kind of person would someone expect if they were to meet us in real life.

    Thinking of this made it difficult to create a video but also pushing myself to truly say who I am internally which i normally keep as a secret, and if someone met me in real life what will I be like. I wanted to tell the faults of myself but the things that make me, me.

    The video isn't the most perfect, polished AMV in the world but I think that makes it even better. I'm not a perfect AMV maker and I'm not a perfect person. My video shows my imperfections and some of what I like about myself. I hope you all enjoy.

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