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  • Member: slackergirl
  • Studio: Flying Nuts Productions
  • Title: That's Charlie Fineman
  • Premiered: 2009-11-15
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    • The Postal Service This place is a prison
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  • Comments: I'm finally putting this on the site. I made this video way back in 2009 after watching Reign Over Me with a good friend. I had coincidentally just started playing Shadow of the Colossus at the time and was deeply moved by the significance the game must have had to the movie's main character, Charlie Fineman. My friend was not familiar with the game, so I played the opening sequence, and we both started crying. (That's actually not much of a feat. I cry at pet food commercials.) I then resolved to make this video to demonstrate the relation of the game to the movie. I think you will get the most out of this if you've seen the movie, played the game, or both. However, I tested it with several individuals who were unfamiliar with the sources and they mostly understood what I was going for. But if you haven't seen the movie, do so now. I mean it, right now. The video can wait.

    Go ahead. Watch it.

    I'm serious! It's probably on Netflix or Hulu or something.

    Have you watched it? You're welcome.

    In 2011, Ileia told me to submit it to AWA pro, so I did, because in general you should do what Ileia tells you. It didn't win anything, but I'm proud of it all the same. I admit it just barely meets the requirements for an AMV, but the general consensus among friends is that it counts, so I should upload it. So.... here ya go!

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