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  • Member: ClaudiusValentine
  • Studio: Sir Valentine Studio
  • Title: Final Fantasy X: 1000 Words (extended ending)
  • Premiered: 2013-01-13
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    • Final Fantasy X-2 1000 Words (extended ending HD)
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  • Comments: now this is the video that got me started making amv's in 2009 right after my accident so i desided to remake it. its my last final fantasy video for the org. its unfortunate that i had to sacrifice HD to keep original good quality it was too bright otherwise. to make a good final fantasy video no matter which one you use you cant use from VII down you cant use game footage from any the quality is ether to blockish or in 2d which will mess up your video. ffx on the other hand is very good for some game play. seriously stop skipping from scene to scene theres more then one way to make a final fantasy amv. all the rest of these ffx amv's are starting to become boring its the same footage over and over. this time around i added some regular gameplay ya know the scenes right before the movie stuff that leads into it makes the video look better.

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