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  • Member: Kyotachi
  • Studio: Dark Prodigy Studios
  • Title: The Wandering Journal
  • Premiered: 2013-03-22
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  • Songs:
    • Sabre A Wandering Journal
    • Sabre Marvel
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  • Comments: This is one of those projects that I had planned a very long time ago. In fact it was 3 years ago that I wanted to start this but I never really had the time to give this the time and space it needed.

    I cut the song short in respect of the copyright and the record label.
    I'm a big fan of Sabre's work who's signed on Kasra's label imprint 'Critical Music' (massive props to the Critical crew and everyone involved in it) and the album he released in 2010 called 'A Wandering Journal' must be one of my favourite albums of 2010.

    I quoted a short path of the descriptive writing from the Album which defines 'A Wandering Journal' - that you can see in the beginning of the video and used 1 of the pictures as the background which came with it.

    This video is my interpretation of 'A Wandering Journal'. Rather than 'A' I switched it with 'The' which typically indicates the 'Death Note' - obvious.

    What I had planned for this is, is quite simple really. Light Yagami finding the 'Death Note' and him using it for his evil intentions. Precisely as the original series was told..although at the end I made it, or rather, 'tried making it' look like he got away by defeating 'N'.

    Not your usual kind of Death Note AMV but this actually took me awhile to get done. Never have I actually given myself time and considered what to do in an AMV. So many scene I was struggling with.

    Under the technical section - I can't really say a lot...all I have to say is that I like to keep my effects very subtle - as in very unnoticeable, though most of the effects were made in Sony Vegas that of which includes the colour correction & pan/cropping. As you may have noticed, I wanted the video to be mostly black & white so that it can easily fit to the mood. Some effects were literally re-created to make it look a bit more vivid...for instance the part @1:13 where Kira's darker face bits are distorted with that red-wavey-looking-effect-thingy.

    Barely noticeable as I mentioned above.

    This video is exclusively made for 'Dark Prodigy Studios' which I'm a part of.

    Special thanks to the Beta testers:
    Ali Sennin
    Ulyses Enigma
    Victor Neverend

    Hope you enjoyed.

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