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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: Espace Studios
  • Title: My Everything
  • Premiered: 2013-03-17
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  • Song:
    • This Century Everywhere Everything
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    Whee! It's finally finished! This took way too long for a small project, I could have edited a full AMV in the time it took for me to complete this video. >__> The actual editing doesn't take long, the pre-cleaning/editing/colouring is what takes forever. Especially when you really want to use a certain scan but there’s text bubbles all over and you need to redraw everything. T__T

    Anyway it was a fun experience, to an extent. Fun in the sense I got to experiment a lot with different types of effects and some I may actually use in future videos! :D

    But yeah apart from that tiny little bit of excitement, the rest of the editing process was pretty bland and depressing. So let's not talk about it.

    I also really wanted to add dialogue from the actual manga like I did with my Hiyokoi MMV but these two barely talk in the manga. And even when they do, it's not something very...awesome. T__T

    Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy watching it! ^^

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