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  • Member: Kotetsu-chan
  • Title: My Goddess
  • Premiered: 2003-06-20
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    • The Exies My Goddess
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  • Comments: So far I am getting some great feedback on this one. I enjoyed making this video most of all. Things fell into place quite easily when I created this AMV, so creation of the vid itself was actually enjoyable for once. I remember before the song was even released back in January hearing this song on the radio and at first I didn't think the song really fit the video, but as I heard it more the idea started to click in my head that this would work for an AMV quite well in fact. I decided to act quickly to start my AMV at the time the song was released because I thought other creators would have the same obvious idea to put the song "My Goddess" with the series Oh, My Goddess. But to my suprise upon uploading the vid to, I found that I was the first creator so far to do so! I even had to enter a new band into the database for it. That made me quite happy. ^_^

    Oh yeah! The video is about Keiichi and his Goddess girlfriend Belldandy, and being a Goddess, Belldandy is capable of doing some pretty unbelievable things - which Kei sees first-hand. But he still loves her. Oh, and since the song rocks, I guess this video ended up being a power-ballad of sorts.... but that's a good thing since no one's really seen that done to the Oh, My Goddess Anime. (And it's not bad, trust me. ^_^)
    After seeing this video, people who haven't seen the Anime have said that it looked cool and wanted to check it out themselves. But if you have seen the Anime, you're in for a treat.
    Thanks for downloading, and your OPINIONS are ALWAYS WELCOME. ^_^
    STARS are good too!
    (Finalist in 2003 Fanime AMV Contest! ^_^ ) --6/21/03
    (Otakon 2003 AMVs - Shown) ---8/8/03

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