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  • Member: Shadox-kun
  • Studio: Eden-Team
  • Title: Shadox - Beautiful Moments (2.0)
  • Premiered: 2013-02-24
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Romance
    • Sentimental
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Adele Set Fire to the Rain
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hello everyone, here comes version 2.0 of my AMV Beautiful Moments!
    This is an AMV made ​​for the Iron Chef 09 organized by Soul's Team, the results have fallen, I managed to set 5 of 34 in the category Romance / Sentimental with the first version of the clip.

    So what about this AMV ... I love, even if at times Adele broke my balls and it all night, alas.
    Nevertheless, I still took pleasure in make Beautiful Moments, many would abandon the idea of ​​a second version of the AMV in my place, but I do not bungled the job I thought it was particularly interesting to make an AMV with sources, little known or medium.
    In the first version of the clip, lack of time and scenes, I could not really put up my expectations of what should be Beautiful Moments. Normally in the first version there should be a sentence to put my vision of the clip but I had completely forgotten the sentence in question haha, luckily I finally found the after a good night's sleep.
    Ultimately, I think it's a good clip, much changed from the first version but with the advantage of being more dynamic and less cumbersome to mate, after have liked the style.
    Finally, the IC was the hardest I have done but I was able to make this video (especially the second version because I've never done earlier stages) and the conversation with the Eden Team on skype it was very nice and a pleasure to be understood as before, it would be again! Adele course to destroy you without ears haha.

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