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  • Member: MariaChrystal
  • Title: Sincerely Love
  • Premiered: 2013-02-18
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    • Kaoru Amane Taiyou no Uta
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    Beware of white flashes lol. Birthday/Valenines present for my Boyfriend.

    It's about a girl growing up distance and quiet. She reminisce the warmth of her parents hands when she was a child. She didn't like to interact and making friends with other students during school. There was a boy who notices her presence and started to notice her. He tries interact with her by giving his number. One day the girl was being stalked and decided to call the boy for help. As he heard her plea, he rushed to her whereabouts. When he got there, he decided act as the boyfriend infront the stalker. Unexpected she followed him out the store not knowing what's going on. Then he suddenly kissed her, with her shocked confused face.
    After that incident, she slowly started interacting with, him while her feelings grew for him. She felt all the emotions - happiness to sadness for the first time. The reminisce warmth she felt with her parents hands by holding his. Being able to make friends and communicate more in her high school life. It was thanks to him for being in her life, to be able to change and experience all these things.

    Anime: Sukitte ii na yo
    Song: Kaoru Amane - Taiyou no Uta

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    You touched my trembling hand
    For the first time
    And I finally experienced
    A gentle feeling of warmth

    I opened the window that had been shut
    And a new wind blew in

    Laughing, crying, meeting you
    The world I saw began to shine
    Under the sun where the sunflowers swayed
    I felt the wind, I felt you

    Laughing, crying, meeting you
    The future ahead of us was shining

    I want to say thank you, I can say it now
    I won't forget the seasons we've spent
    Like the sun the sunflowers sway under
    My song will shine on you

    For you, as I am...

    Furuete iru watashi no te ni
    Hajimete kimi ga furete
    Yasashii kimochi atata kasa ni
    Yatto kidzuita n da

    Tozashita mado akereba
    Atarashii kaze ga fuita

    Waratte naite kimi to deaete
    Mieru sekai wa kagayakidashita
    Himawari yureru taiyou no shita de
    Kanjite ita kaze wo kimi wo

    Waratte naite kimi to deaete
    Tsudzuku mirai wa kagayaite ita

    Arigatou tsutaetai ima nara ieru yo
    Sugoshita kisetsu mo wasure wa shinai yo
    Himawari yureru taiyou no you ni
    Watashi no uta kimi wo terasu yo

    Watashi no mama
    kimi wo

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