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  • Member: Kiozuky
  • Title: The Reservoir Chronicles Trailer
  • Premiered: 2012-09-16
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    • West one Music Lux Aeterna
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  • Comments: A simple Trailer I made back in August, also my first attempt at making a trailer. Seems I got a long way to go yet lol

    When I entered it the first time on a contest, I was still halfway working on it and eventually, I came to a stall because I had pretty much got out of time to work on it...

    Figures I added a bunch of random scenes to meet my time length and never kept editing, so a little bit less than half of the video is pretty much gibberish and random scenes, sorry about that ^^;

    From time to time, I'll look back at this as I get better, just to remind me to work at my own pace and to never rush things again.

    There's no gain or fun on a rushed project even if it is to meet a deadline...

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