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  • Member: strawberrirokku
  • Studio: IGNITIONxStudios
  • Title: Seven Nation Army
  • Premiered: 2013-01-27
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    • The Glitch Mob Seven Nation Army
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    Ohhhh has it been a very long time since I've had just this much fun making an AMV.

    When I had first re-discovered the re-mixed version of Seven Nation Army and started listening to it, this whole elaborate idea came into my head, like it was magic. I could just see the plot playing out for each lyric and as the second season of SAO came out, I could even see where to tie it in with the last section of the song. There are so many connections that can be made with the lyrics to this song and the anime, like seriously, it is crazy. So I hope that I did a decent job of interpreting that.

    I never actually thought I would finish this AMV when I created the BETA version but it got more attention than I thought, even months after it had been uploaded, people were saying, "FINISH IT!!!" so that was what kept me inspired and I'm thankful to you guys for that. Otherwise I might never have found the fuel to get back to it.

    For a few months now I have really started editing videos with how I feel or what has happened to me. To finally go from that, to making something crazy fun like this, was pretty refreshing. And I will say that the editing is not flawless, but I wanted to make something that would be enjoyable to watch, and I think the whole point of making AMVs is to have fun with them! Creating this one has really reminded me of that.

    This will be my last video for a long time, however. I'm trying to get back into the process of practicing more often with my band and creating original music. Other than that I think I am just in desperate need of a break for a while. Life has been all over the place.

    I hope you guys like this one as much as it was a total blast to make for you! And with all my heart, thank each and every one of you so, so much for all of the endless support you have given to me.

    Special thanks to Marc for BETA testing the first 30 seconds of the full AMV, hahaha!

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