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  • Member: nailz
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Death and Rememberance of Goku
  • Premiered: 2001-05-29
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    • Fuel Hemmorage (in my hands)
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  • Comments: Up again for a short time (4 days or so). I'm uploading it as I type so I can go to bed, will be online 1:30am 11/21 (45 minuites.)

    People have been commenting on the dialouge during the Vegita scene, so let me explain - The words in the song state "And I watched as you turned away, you dont remember, but I do.." - And the whole thing there is "I'm right behind you" - Poof he flys away...So, that explians that.

    Things I dont want to hear anyone bitching about include the email addy at the beginning or the end - if you wanna email me, then write to - I wont respond from anywhere else. It's pretty easy to find from my main site, and I put a lot of work into it, which is why it's an indirect link.

    I like to think that I put some thought into this, so that it's not just your average cruddy DBZ completely random fighting video..This has's the other side of DBZ you dont see, and I hope I depicted it well.

    I got this idea about 6 months before I actually decided I had the time, energy and effort to make this video. I personally think it's the best thing I've done to date (be on the lookout for my newest and best - Lord of The Rings to DBZ Trailer), but a lot of my critics still think breakstuff is better...

    Anyway, this video was a good idea from the getgo. I used the intro from the Trunks History for the opening scene, and went on to show how each character (Gohan, Krillin, and Vegita) would have reacted and would have remembered about Goku after he passed away. My only regret is not being able to get in piccolo or chichi as well, but in the end, the song allowed me 3 choices, and I went with son/best friend/worst enemy.

    I spent an entire week on this..literally. If I wasn't sleeping, eating, or at work, I was making this video. I'm very impressed with it, and if you know me (and 99.999% of you dont) you know thats saying a lot.

    The only real flaw I caught was the use of krillins voice (Sonny Strait) from the Trunks movie and then later on using season 1 (unknown to me). Shrug..very barely notice it. Same with Gohan, now that I have it in

    The story with the premier is an interesting one..if you dont feel like reading it, I wont be offended...but for everyone else, here it goes: It was originally intended to be the winner for Anime North 2001 (lol...nothing personal guys, but with the first half of the videos that played, it was in the bag..but I'm happy to say I lost to MUCH better videos) and was done about a month prior to the contest. I sent in the tape and waited for the con. I was so excited when we got there, hopes building when they started playing the winners, and my video hadn't been played..They got to the grandprize (Right Now, by Van Halen - produced by doki doki - hats off) and still this video didn't play. Needless to say, I was quite upset.

    I spent the rest of the night in my room, pissed as hell. My friend talked to the director of the con who remembered my video and couldn't believe she had left it some 40-50 miles away. Well, the next day was a blast, and I had forgotten mostly about it, or let it go. I was to meet my friends for the Costume contest, but fell asleep around the start in my room, and went down to the room to wait for them at the end of it. They dimmed the lights and closed the doors (I was outside) and I heard something farmiliar...they were playing my video!! ROCK! So I went in and watched it, and it was well recieved and I was thrilled.

    The director had driven all the way to get it and all the way back for me. Words cannot describe the thanks I have for that gesture.

    A big thanks goes out to for hosting!!

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