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  • Member: Magicflier
  • Title: The First Story: Pushing Onwards
  • Premiered: 2012-12-28
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    • Hedley Invincible
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    Youtube Description:
    Thanks for watching another simple edit guys, testing different raw styles... but unconsciously making it hard for myself by editing ideas that requires scenes that are scarcely available, but this is something i can't stop doing. XD

    Little Busters, the first part of the story. I'll see if i can continue to edit for all the other stories for each heroine until the end of the anime like this, because it seems the second season is hinted to also have 26 episodes. It is good news, but it seems like this is going to continue until next year.

    blaming this girl ➙ xCheeseKake for getting me addicted to this song, OTL

    { This version is a FINALIZED version of the original, and is improved }

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