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  • Member: RicardoLovesPie
  • Title: I"s - Look After You
  • Premiered: 2012-12-26
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  • Song:
    • The Fray Look After You
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  • Comments: So i watched the anime of this in 2010 and really liked it and when i found out that the manga was written by the same guy who did Zetman (my favorite manga) i had to read it and as i read it i noticed that the manga's actually much better then the anime in many ways from the stiff-animation to the bits of story they left out. Nonetheless i still liked the anime though so i started this video with the anime but a bit afterwards it felt like it didnt... really work so i changed the 20 seconds of anime i had into 10 seconds and did the rest of the video with Manga wich i really enjoyed doing
    and i hope you all loved it : ]

    i think i put about 15 Hours into this mainly because of looking for scenes to use XD

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