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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: Expectations
  • Premiered: 2003-06-18
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: Take 30 seconds of your life, and click the LOCAL link below. ^_^
    Or Iíll take 1 hour of your life and torture you!!!!

    UNDERSTAND something about my video. I made this video because it made me feel good. Not to win awards. Not to win attraction. Not to win your reviews. This video was all for me. And perhaps some of my racer friends. ^_^

    I know what your probably thinking. OMG. Another Linkin Park video. What the hell is BMX thinking? Well, maybe I wasnít thinking.

    I had been watching Initial D from the day my curiosity got a smell of it. I downloaded the first 2 episodes and checked it out. By episode 1 I was hooked, and eventually got through all of it. I borrowed the HK version DVD from a friend and decided to use it for making a new music video. I couldnít use the anime series because all I had of it was downloaded and very inappropriate for editing. The anime became so addicting to me over time, I caught myself doing 100 laps in time trails on Gran Turismo.(in one day) Next thing you know Iím all about cars and dreaming of what it would be like to have skills like the main character in the anime.

    This video is all about my love for the anime. I didnít care about how people would take the song. I didnít care how people would take the artist. I never had so much fun making a video. I did this to remember the old days, to get back what I had lost when I started to make videos for other people and not for myself. TRUTH of the matter is, I love this video. It is now my ALL TIME favorite. I am very pleased with what results I yielded and feel proud for once. The video actually turned out much better than I had anticipated. Every time I would finish a part of the video, I would get big eyes and go nuts. I wanted to show someone SOOO badly. I gave one beta out to a friend that isnít on the network and he said he didnít know what to expect next. When it was done, I was very satisfied with the comments he gave me. He said it was his favorite and it was the best he had seen out of me.

    About the title, its about the main character and how everyone else in the anime is expecting so much from his excellent driving skills and how his father expects the very best. Until around the middle of the anime, he didnít even enjoy driving, he was bored with it. He didnít expect anything.

    Footage was used from my friends dvd. (Hong Kong version) This time, I took a different approach at editing since I decided that my method (exporting separate single clips in virtual dub from the main high quality footage to edit with) was just too time consuming and was quite slow. After reading through A&Eís guide while preparing for my new video, I read about absoluteís method for clip replacement. It claimed to yield the best quality and the easiest editing. Hell, Iíll stick that in my pipe and smoke it. So I read along, and found outÖ..heyÖ.this ainít so dam hard to set up. HAHA. I thought wrong. I had a few problems that got on my nervs, like setting up the avs file and fixing the screwed up resolution the DVD spat out. (the screen was totally stretched and looked disgusting) I even used the IVTC method in the avs file for my first time, and dam it worked pretty good. After all that, I made a 10 measured quality MJPEG file our of the VOB. I used that to edit with in premiere. OMG I love using the whole movie in premiere. So fast with MJPEG! ^_^ When I finished editing, I just moved the MJPEG footage somewhere else and opened up premiere again. It asked where the footage was, and instead I pointed to the original AVS file. Boom boom, bang bang. Perfect quality on the export. I exported to high quality MJPEG. (I noticed something wrong with Huffy in this video, it was very glitchy) Then I encoded to XviD while changing the resolution and brightening it. (it was kinda dark) Walla.

    One of the stupidest mistakes I made was driving me soo nuts. Actually I made 2 SOOOOO STUPID mistakes. The first was an effect wouldnít renderÖ.and I couldnít understand why. Took me an hour to scroll the dam timeline up to notice there was a clip above it, preventing the lower clip from being seen. >_< Second mistakes was just slap you on the head stupid. I was making a beta using the high quality AVS file. For some reason, no matter what I did, crappy quality came out. 2 HOURS laterÖÖI notice the compressor quality is set to 10 instead of the max 20. (right then I just whacked my head against the table)

    Something different in this video was the effect and the main chorus close to the end. There was a wormhole like effect in the few seconds which went in pretty well. It was actually a window media player visualization. =D and it looked cool. How did I get it? If you know how I did it, thatís great, if you donítÖ.tis my secret ^_^Well, I cant think of anything else to write. My neck hurts. Hows that? =/Hopefully you watch it, its around my 20th video or something. (I have a lot that arenít on the org)I really had fun making it, I love the way it came out. I hope you feel that was too when you watch it. You can get this video from me on AIM also. Sn: RightSideDriveSI. Iím around a lot, come chat, cyber, stalk me, what ever tickles your pickle.

    The link is High Quality Xvid Variable Bit Rate. Audio is the exact Mp3 file attached for perfect quality ^_^

    ~RSD Productions

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