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  • Member: Renaika56
  • Studio: RikaWolf Productions
  • Title: 10,000 Fahrenheit
  • Premiered: 2012-12-05
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  • Song:
    • Sleigh Bells Kids
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  • Comments: I don't even know where this idea came from really. The song itself has nothing to do with the character at all... I just thought the song sounded badass.
    Yeah, I really have no reason for this video other than "just because". However, I do love the character Aruka so that is the big reason I decided to make this video. The effects in this video, overall, are a little better than what I've done in the past. At least in my opinion they are. The editing isn't fantastic, as you'll notice, but it's okay. I didn't bombard it with effects or anything, I mostly just made good use of the brightness/contrast, black & white, and color selection and overall I think it blended nicely.

    I'm not saying it'll blow your mind, but I personally think it's one of my better videos on a technical level and the "it just looks cool" level. And just as a note, there are some places that look like lip syncing was intended, but that wasn't really intentional it just sorta turned out that way which is why I didn't select it on the technical details.

    In case you don't know 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit is the temp. of the surface of the sun.

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