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  • Member: MAND4
  • Title: Code Geass - Nameless Child - Lelouch Tribute
  • Premiered: 2012-12-03
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation Hand of Sorrow
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hello guys.
    Here's my new AMV - it contains solid amount of spoilers so watch at your own risk if you didn't finish the series.

    Basic info:
    Anime: Code Geass
    Song: Within Temptation - Hand of Sorrow
    Size: 188mb
    Length: 3:44 (without intro) 4:16 (with intro)
    Programs used: Sony Vegas / Adobe After Effects / Photoshop


    - I spent around 4-5 hours (entirely) on this AMV but I am still not completely satisfied. I do like the overall feel of it, but I think I could've chosen better scenes and work on a sync a little bit. But, I am lazy after all and this song has so much upbeat/downbeat moments that, at some point, I honestly just stopped trying to match it perfectly. Sorry because of that. I had around 30gb of the scenes themselves prepared and I used only like 60-70% of them. Another thing; if (when) you notice pixels coming out of nowhere, it is not my fault. Something happened while rendering (I tried like 10 different ways) and I honestly couldn't fix it. It does happen only in the second part so ... sorry for that as well. I think I'll take a small pause with AMV's since I'm currently planning to watch 3-4 anime and then I'll probably make some mix, not sure though.

    Hope you enjoyed.

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