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  • Member: xDreww
  • Studio: EBullientDesigns
  • Title: Preserve
  • Premiered: 2012-11-29
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  • Song:
    • Blue Stahli Metamorphosis (Lifetheory Remix)
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    To a special best friend. Somebody who's been there for me when there were life battles , pain , happy times. To a friend who has always showed how much she cares and loves. Never has let me down and showed what a great friend she can be. All of this I repay you as well. The whole time we've known each other I've treated you the same way you treated me, with love and respect. This video is dedicated to a very special best friend.
    Toya. Happy birthday sweetie!

    I haven't made a 4 minute AMV is FOREVER, and action? I hope you love this gift from me. Editing with one of your favorite music and animes, you better!! haha. I know your going though a lot, so I hope this brings a big smile to your face.
    Took some time making this, but I had fun editing to it. I love you toya. You mean so much! Happy birthday!!


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