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  • Member: SamuraiJake
  • Studio: Samurai Jake
  • Title: Blue Bug Hunt
  • Premiered: 2012-11-08
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  • Song:
    • Skrillex Bug Hunt (Wreck-it Ralph) (Noisia Remix)
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  • Comments: My AMV's of late have been, oh how should I best say it, uninspired? Yes that's the best word. I haven't found much to work with these days with either too much school or work, and I'm sad to say that my anime viewing has greatly diminished. But enough about that, I finally found a fun techno beat from Skrillex to make a video for.

    I recently watched "Wreck-It Ralph", twice. The aforementioned DJ has an instrumental track on the movie during a video game shooter scene and it was a cool moment, so with that beat still in my head I thought this could be my next AMV to make. The only anime I could think of to match the movie, with soldiers gunning down alien bugs, was the classic series "Blue Gender" which pretty much consisted of just that. Hey, there's a market for that.

    Just an FYI: this video was immediately shot down on Youtube, so this is the only place I can show it, damn UMG. Stick through the credits for my usual funny tag at the end.

    - Samurai Jake

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