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  • Member: pillsbury15
  • Studio: 4thplace Productions
  • Title: 21-12=XD
  • Premiered: 2012-12-11
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  • Songs:
    • Above & Beyond Love Is Not Enough ft. Zo Johnston (Kaskade Remix)
    • Mat Zo It's Yours (Original Mix)
    • Omnia Halo ft. Melissa Loretta (Original Mix)
    • Soul Central Song for Sharma (Grant Nelson Remix)
    • Super8 & Tab Black Is The New Yellow ft. Anton Sonin (Original Mix)
    • Yasunori Mitsuda Chrono Trigger (Brink of Time Mix)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: "Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering."

    21 Minus Twelve and a Quarter Equals Overjoy

    I had 3 projects sitting on my laptop at the beginning of the year one was Uneducated Guess 2 which is well technically this only back then all I had was Genius Party and two songs in essence just something I wanted to do but not yet, Second was a project with The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya set to Super8 & Tab's Black is the New Yellow and that was about 40 seconds in, and third was a mix of Chrono Trigger scenes and well tracks from the Brink of Time Arrangement Album yet they were overshadowed by my harsh work hours not to mention the time when I actually got motivated to edit I forced myself to work on this year's Birthday Series.

    Around May-April I really got into Above & Beyond's Trance Around the World I would listen to it aplenty and so I started somewhat planning this and Giving it an intro with Chrono Trigger and I started working on it though with a slightly different line-up of songs mainly Caf del Mar songs were in said list and the aforementioned Black is the New Yellow... but I didn't like how it was looking so about 2 minutes in I canned it and decided to start again this time taking more from my new-found obsession TATW I listened to it religiously in hopes of finding songs that could work with this a couple weeks later I had It's Yours, Halo, Black is the New Yellow and outside of TATW Song for Sharma (Can't go wrong with Grant Nelson), Une Nouvelle Humanite by Cathy Battistessa and Tonic by Russ Chimes it was all looking good seemed like a good idea... but.

    The problem with 4+=:)... well one of the many problems, It was too damn simple this was also in part that 30 seconds seem like a lot but in reality you can't do jack-sh!t with it so the time of each segment was upped to 1 Minute and a Half though as soon as I started with "Genius Party" (at the time had Tonic instead of It's Yours) I was struggling to make it that long without feeling repetitive this applied to many others and soon I was feeling this wasn't going to work and so while I was exiting Vegas I spotted in the Recent Tab by accident that old un-named Haruhi Project which was dropped... and that's when it hit me if I merged the Chrono Trigger project I could merge this too only with a much bigger role than music and so I restarted once again this time hopeful that it would look good.

    When I finished the first segment set to It's Yours, Haruhi and Genius Party for the first time it looked very different than what you see nowadays much more simpler. I skipped Shanghai Dragon as I didn't know how to go about it and saw Deathtic 4 and Doorbell yet I couldn't do anything midway decent with both so with time both got the Axe taking Tonic and Une Nouvelle Humanite with it also I thought it was good to keep it shorter. It's already long as it is without those two and so it really got started though it gave many head-aches and opening that project to see a plethora of footage and music was daunting to say the least progress kinda halted to a crawl for a while and I took a break and focused on two videos specifically Our Big Score, and Hollow Tears the latter which holds a special spot for me and when I came back I erased the first segment and decided to start once again with only two months on the clock.

    This time with a focus on synching and what I refer to as Gimmicky Synching and so the first one I made was Happy Machine Just let me get off my chest I had many ideas for effects and others but as always I never go through with it I'm just no good with effects I'll go down as that guy who never learned proper FX anyway this time things were going smooth and it was looking good I was going to have a solid entry IMO on time and kill two... no three birds with one stone and so all went well and here we are nowadays, with me forcing random strangers to read this giant chunk of text... Seriously you can stop reading... It's not like there's cookies at the end of the trail or anything... Or is There (:

    ......... No there isn't... But there's a neat summary of the Segments just in case you want to Read More...

    - Genius Party (Atsuko Fukushima) - God the song for this changed so much over production but when I finally set out on it I had some trouble balancing both footages... almost with all of them I tried using mainly pops and let the footage do the talking though in an effort to have it make some sense to people who don't follow Haruhi I tried using scenes from Endless Eight to give it a sense of direction.

    - Shanghai Dragon (Shoji Kawamori) - This was second to last to be finished and It's not too hard to notice that I had no clue what to do with it... the only thing I had certain was the last 30 seconds or so the whole Windows '95 synching and the repeated short clips other than that the 30 second stream of transitions to give it a slow atmospheric feel and some improvising synch's to make this.

    - Limit Cycle (Hideki Futamura) - Seeing as how this song was the only song to take this whole ride with me I wanted to do it justice and Limit Cycle is nothing short of breath-taking so for this I decided to have it overshadow Haruhi and so I used mostly sped up clips a couple of masks to hide certain things and that's it to be fair Limit Cycle practically edits itself seriously play it sped up and listen to House you've got a snazzy AMV right there.

    - Happy Machine (Masaaki Yuasa) - I love this one it works well IMO the repeated transitions and the Triple Screen work well with this since it's not obscenely fast-paced it just looks so... idk Fun to me the problem was since in the last one I mostly Ignored Haruhi here I had to add more as it lead to the last segment... Originally instead of the Square Triple Screen you seen nowadays I wanted to use Manga Strips I even shopped a couple but in the end I went the simple route.

    - Baby Blue (Shinichiro Watanabe) - To be honest it wasn't till I heard Love is Not Enough that I was even sure this could happen I needed something that could convey the beauty of Baby Blue and Kyon's inner battle while reverting to a faster pace afterwards this song is the reason the merging of all 3 seemed possible to me without it this probably would never have been finished, Though I struggled with this one I couldn't use as much Baby Blue as I initially planned to and even then the whole Asakura stabbing fever and the ending seem very rushed kinda ironic my favorite GP Segment was the one I used least.

    The Local Download is as you may guess not great quality-wise though don't fret on Mediafire you'll find two versions one without credits and a shortened opening and a somewhat Deluxe version though not the best MF has 200MB Limit so I did what I could otherwise if you just want to watch without Downloading Simply Click Here

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