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  • Member: mumsee
  • Title: Wings
  • Premiered: 2012-10-27
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    • Passion Pit Moth's Wings
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  • Comments: I've never edited amvs before, only very short little things for fun with my twin, so I wasn't sure how to go about starting editing. I really like this anime though, so I stole it from my twin's hard drive, chose a song I was really liking at the time, opened up her program, and just kind of edited from scratch. I like the way my twin edits, so I watched her and just did what she did. (Though I think in the future I will be doing more different things.)
    I spent Thursday and Friday working on it; there are some things I don't really like, and since I've only ever watched amvs, never edited, I don't really know what looks good, so I experimented some too. But where it's at I think is good enough for a "final" release, yeah?

    So for my first amv, I didn't want to get to caught up in a story, so this is just a feel-good, cutesy, at some times sad amv, like the anime.

    I'd like to do a lot more projects that are conceptually-oriented in the future, but I'm pleased with how this came out.

    Hope you like it? :)

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