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  • Member: ainioamv
  • Title: Life in Ikebukuro (City in Emotions)
  • Premiered: 2012-10-14
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    • Renegade Five When we say Goodbye
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    Young guy Mikado came to Tokyo. Because he was bored and he thought that "Life in Ikebukuro" will be more interesting. But not... he's still bored... however he became really powerfull because he set up new "Gang" called Dollars...
    There live one really interesting guy in this city. His name is Orihara Izaya. He's informer and he loves games, games with people! ... AND THIS IS LIFE-GAMES between two powerful guys, between Mikado and Izaya! ... Theirs game is very very dangerous. Lots of ppl become victim of theirs game. A girl who almost commits suicide, Shizuo(blonde guy) almost die. And Mikado's best friend, Kida was became biggest victim... at first his girlfriend was hospitalized and almost lost legs, and then Kida himself was shot by gun, fortunately in the last moment Mikado came and saved him!

    I'm same, same as Mikado... I'm bored, I don't like still same things that are becoming around me again and again.... I want to see new actuality... And Mikado, too.
    (sorry for my english =) )

    password: ainio

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