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  • Member: Aresshiachan
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: [Re-Evo] Sacrifice
  • Premiered: 2012-10-07
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    • Thomas Bergersen Merchant Prince
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    This video is dedicate to my special friend birthday :)
    it has a special plot in the beginning invented by me so please take a little time to read it :

    -- PLOT --

    Since I've listened to this song I had the story in my mind.
    The story begin with a Silver Millenium destroyed by a meteorite
    crashed to the moon and created by an evil enemy.
    Here we can see little chibiusa
    runs to search her mom...she opens the door and behind she found
    sailor moon apparently dead, after the crash :c
    all other sailor soldiers call her again again hoping to get her awaken.
    After this scene there is a flashback that shows how all happened,
    sailor moon tries to reject the meteorite using the silver crystal...
    the meteorite exploded but struck the same the moon, (although minimally) so didn't
    destroyed it.
    After hearing the voices of all the sailors and chibiusa, usagi opens her eyes and starts to fight because this time is the Earth
    that needs her helps

    Hope you enjoy :)

    (Thanks to my beta tester gabber1991md my bro)

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