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  • Member: SadKataomoiAMVs
  • Studio: Sad Kataomoi AMVs
  • Title: Hiei Will Not Bow - AMV (HD)
  • Premiered: 2012-10-05
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  • Songs:
    • Ai Otsuka Cherish
    • Breaking Benjamin I Will Not Bow
    • DJ Sammy Heaven (Candlelight ReMix)
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    I do not own or claim ownership over the audio or footage used in this Animation Music Video. This is purely a fan-based made video. All rights remain to their respective company owners and distributors.

    Thank You...


    This AMV is the first one I have done in over 4 years, just to let you all know. My computer is also really slow, so the timing might be just a tad off. I tried to time it as best as i could with the music, but my computer was lagging pretty bad when I was previewing the video. So, I apologize in advance, if the timing is too far off.

    I spent about 2 days working on this AMV It didn't help that my computer lagged, either. =\

    This video is about Hiei Jaganshi from the Anime Yu Yu Hakusho. I searched for a long time to find a song that described him well, and ended up with "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin. Hiei is my all time favorite anime character, so I thought I would make an AMV about him. I have watched many AMVs about him that other people have posted on here and thought I would make one too. Hopefully this will become an AMV that many Hiei fans like myself will enjoy. =)

    Thanks for watching! Like and Subscribe, as I will more than likely be releasing more AMVs.



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