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  • Member: msteapot
  • Studio: Sentimental Circus Studio
  • Title: Truly Mine
  • Premiered: 2012-09-20
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    • Dido Life for rent
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  • Comments: To render this took me three times as long to make it. I had to convert all the eps 3 times over to get vegas to render without crashing. Now about the amv...rather than putting a bunch of clips together I wanted to form somehwat of a storyline....I'm not sure whether or not I succeeded with that, I let you guys decide. But I did have fun making this and my god! The art in this anime is so beautiful at times I just ignored the characters/storyline and just stared at the art. The characters were okay and the storyline was good up until the last episode. Not so sure what went wrong there but I hate rushed endings that end with 8 years into the future...I can't help but feel something's missing. I promise I will stop rambling here.

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