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  • Member: Mally
  • Title: Centipede
  • Premiered: 2012-09-12
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    • Knife Party Centipede
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  • Comments: First came Sterling, then they came Centipede.

    Many people have been awaiting somewhat of a sequel from my success of a Dubstep Video named: Sterling. If you have not watched it, I would recommend viewing it ASAP.

    I overhyped this crap up to all of my friends and some of my fans(IF I HAVE ANY)..
    Mainly because.. I heard this song.. THEN I WENT MAD OVER IT. SENT IT TO A COUPLE OF CLOSE FRIENDS, WE WENT MAD OVER IT. Then I was like.. Ok, lolcat. I'm doing this coz I love this too much. So, powered by the love of the song, I went for it.

    After the big idea of doing a Typography thing due to the nature of the lyrics, the effort of that really drained much love I had for the song.. So after editing a crappy buildup and a decent drop, I decided to "LEAVE IT YEAH" drop the edit and say to friends/fans that I would finish it, ONE DAY!!!!

    So... I went to a friends house and played an old beta to them. AND one of them was like.. I'ma give you an extra fiver if you can get it done by friday, fam. I was like.. hmm.. MAYBE. OK LET'S DOO THIS LEROY......... I didn't say the leroy part. But yeah I stepped up my game and manned up. Done this by deleted existing clips and sections previously edited and completely redoing the sections which needed Mally- fi- ing.. *Should be a word*.

    I did that, then realised.. OH, I came to the end of the first drop of the song, ALLOW EDITING THE REST I'M LAZY.. Then, I thought.. I can't leave it unfinished.. It's one of the videos I put most effort into. So then I downloaded the music video of the actual song in a crappy attempt to make something out of the bad parts of my video. So, after tweaking awhile, I nailed it and sent the beta to a few friends. *Javy and Kevin* THEY LIKE. So, I was like cool.. Time for the intro edit and credits..

    EVENTUALLY AFTER MANY MONTHS OF PROCRASTINATING, QUICKENING, ANIME, JOB AND LAZINESS (5 Months in total of editing and the crap I just mentioned). This got spewed out, as an result of.. MALLY - fi - ing a songed I love!

    Ok.. all the details are in the actual video, please pause when needed.

    Mediafire link:

    720p -

    360p - Should be here by the end of the night


    Hope you enjoyed reading the long description.. It's not always I try this wacked crap (Take that back).

    Please Knock on how my Typography could be alot better, how colour correction could be added and how every single colour I used on the text and backgrounds were rubbish.
    Or just comment on how the TEXT didn't even match the AMV or crap. Also, how you wanted the AMV to be longer..

    It's over, it's done.. I'm not touching this again.

    OK OK!!!
    If you loved me enough to read all of this description, then thanks.
    Please ignore my weak grammar and punctuation.

    Special Thanks:

    Thanks a bunch Irriadin and the ORG Skype chat helping me find a font:

    Khoa/Kevin - For pointing out a something

    Mike - For helping me out with the end effect I wanted with FIRE

    Jeff - For being my right hand man on all my videos.

    LJ and Harry - For blah blah you know why.
    Guys - Tell me your youtubes again!

    Nazar and Lucas - For not speaking much to me anymore and helping me out when I started out this blah blah

    And everyone else who helped beta.
    This video is probably not even a big deal.. haha. FUN.

    See you next video!

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