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  • Title: Allusion
  • Premiered: 2012-05-26
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    • Linkin Park Opening
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  • Comments: The idea behind this video was, confusing at first. I suppose I should start from the beginning?

    The purpose of creating this video was of course, to enter the Anime North MVC. I started out trying to find ideas, only to scrub them as something I didn't like, the mood didn't fit, didn't like the tempo, or just too cliched.

    The intent of this video was to try and create something that meld all of the above. What I mean is, I wanted a video obviously that I liked, that much is simple. But I wanted something that had mood, I don't mean romantic mood, or comedic mood. I'm talking the idea that you sit down and it is just, there. I also wanted something that was both slow, and yet had enough tempo to keep people interested, I wanted to build up the mood, the flow, the intensity. But most importantly, I didn't want something that I felt was cliched, at least for me. A lot of my videos had been rather similar, the flow, predictable, the intent just always seemed too, there.

    So I set out with that in mind after listening to some older music. I already had an idea what my source was going to be, largely due to time constraints, I had to limit myself to a full length film rather then a long anime series, and narrowed my selection down with things that I felt I would enjoy editing, and could reliably get an idea for in time.

    My pick, yet another Miyazaki film, this time: Princess Mononoke.

    Now, what I tried to do with this was not your typical idea. I didn't want to make a Princess Mononoke video that was just about Princess Mononoke, about the story as it is told, about the characters as they are. No, I wanted to try and make it my own, in a way. I wanted to try and take this dramatic masterpiece, and change it. Hopefully not to such a degree as to disgrace the source material, but I wanted to see what I could do with it.

    My idea, when you get down to it, was simple. Take Princess Mononoke, take Ashitaka, and make it seem as if the film is an action film. Now I know that Princess Mononoke obviously has action in it, but that wasn't the focus of the film. But with my video, the intent was to make it so that if someone were to watch the movie, what amounts to a "trailer", and make it seem as if the movie was an action movie.

    Not the most original ideas I'm sure, but I latched onto it and went to work.

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is the Allusion...

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