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  • Member: AngelDragoon
  • Title: Stuff We Did
  • Premiered: 2012-08-27
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    • Michael Giacchino Married Life
    • Michael Giacchino Stuff We Did
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  • Comments: Segment for the 3rd Disney MEP, titled 'When You Wish Upon an AMV', (yes, a MEP comprised of entirely Disney music!) I suggest everyone go check it out, because it's an hour well spent, (and there are parts in there that are a lot more interesting/better than mine, lol):

    About the video:
    -If you at least feel something, be it sadness, happiness, 'OMGJUSTTAKEMYHEARTALREADY'-ness, then my work here is done.
    -Despite its short length, this is probably one of my favorite amvs that I've done. It probably has something to do with the fact that I love this composer's work so much.
    -Yes, I did get teary-eyed while making this, so it was a little hard to edit to through sometimes. (I've actually been asked this by a bunch of people, lol).
    -Any sounds you here in the background, (most which are actually synced with the character actions), were there in the original soundtrack. This is because 'UP' was recorded with an actual live orchestra, so when people moved around the microphone picked it up.

    Enjoy! :D

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