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  • Member: Jeff
  • Studio: NV-Studios
  • Title: Eyes of A Fallen Angel
  • Premiered: 2012-08-19
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    • A Perfect Circle 3 Libras
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  • Comments: This AMV is for my best friend Jess. She's helped me a lot with things and has always been there for me. :D
    So I started this video back in June, was meant to be uploaded for Jess' birthday but what do you know I finished three months earlier..guess I prepared too far ahead of time lol. I haven't exactly been an avid fan of Shippuden, I got bored of it in 2008 when it had a really slow start. Back in January though I picked up the series with my friend Jess, I really loved it (especially since we skipped all the filler and just did canon) and I loved it! I mean it wasn't the best anime in the world but it was the sequel to the original anime I loved so much that I had hoped for! If only they didn't spend much damn time making fillers and made every canon arc have better animation! Anyways, about the video. I stuck with a simpler style, reminescent of my older video a little. I avoided using the Sasuke Retrieval arc from the original series and the Sasuke and Itachi fight from Shippuden since I thought they were total let downs. D: I got a chance to use A Perfect Circle, one of my favorite bands ever it made editing this very fun. Anyways I don't think many people want to read much longer (if anyone read this all anyways) so enjoy!

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