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  • Member: strawberrirokku
  • Title: Stratosphere
  • Premiered: 2012-08-17
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    • Eyeshine Stratosphere
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    "Azu-nyan gave us wings! Azu-nyan is a cute little angel who brought us happiness!"

    This is a special AMV that I made for one of my closest friends, Mels, for her birthday!

    The whole idea of this video came from the day when she told me that my videos keep her mood sky high in the stratosphere, and that's exactly where it should stay! I think that she and I have sort of had that privelage of sitting back together and watching the chaos and all of the changes happening around us these past couple of years, but while all of that is going on, every bit of it, we've been right here together getting stronger and stronger, and our friendship is one of the most pure, sincere and steadily growing to this day!!

    I want this AMV to be a very uplifting inspiration for everyone in the world who has an important dream that they want to accomplish! :)

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