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  • Member: Deuce Loosely
  • Studio: Deuce Loosely Productions
  • Title: Warped and Bewitched - revised
  • Premiered: 2011-04-01
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    • Muse Assassin
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  • Comments: I have been apprehensive for the longest time about uploading this.

    There is some nudity and violence, but Elfen Lied is tough to edit into an AMV without either.

    I tried to maintain some semblance of a story while capturing the chaos and turbulence of Lucy's existence. In other words, the effort was made to not be gratuitous as much as the appearance exists little effort was made in that direction.

    This is actually the second attempt on this. Keeping the more mature elements out the first time watered down the story and made everything seem too compressed and rushed so I decided to take a little more time and ignore a few characters who weren't necessarily crucial.

    Anyway, I hope this isn't offensive to anyone. If it gets removed, that's the way things go. I won't dispute or argue about it. Otherwise, I hope this works better than the first time...

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