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  • Member: RAWdangers
  • Title: The Ballad of a Dog
  • Premiered: 2012-07-27
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    • Arctic Monkeys Teddy Picker
    • Simple Plan Take My Hand
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    So this is probably my first seriously edited video. This was the first video i wanted to edit 3 years ago when i started editing, however I could not get my hands on the source footage. However once i managed to, i knew that i really wanted to do this video. When editing this, I focused on the story i wanted to recreate rather than the genre I wanted it to fit. By the end i felt I had conveyed the relationship between Saito and Louise as best i could (in the first 3 seasons. I have yet to the see the 4th but i hear its disappointing =( *sadface* ) I decided to submit it to Otakon under the romance category however it ended up in the Drama category. Boy was i nervous as hell. I had to compete with videos like Magic Eye by Shin, Tollkirsche by Warlike Swans, In terminis by galia and kitty, etc. Not to mention Otakon was my first contest that I made finalists for. Watching it up on the big screen was quite possibly one of the coolest things ever. And to my disbelief i managed to win the Drama category! That was quite the thrill for me. Anyways, i hope you enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed making it. Cheers!

    Program: Adobe After Effects CS4 (and only AE, i know crazy right? I've started using premiere now)
    Time: About a month, working 6-8 hrs a day, 5-6 days a week.

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