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  • Member: MewMintyReborn
  • Title: Avoidance
  • Premiered: 2012-07-23
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Hurricane
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  • Comments: [Tried fullscreen but it wouldn't save so I gave up. >:c]

    So, I have finally come out with an AMV huh?
    It's literally been almost a year that I haven't made an AMV. Don't panic though, I have been active, but on my other account, "CoolStoryBromosexual" (Which at the time of this description did exist and now it doesn't). I've been having more ideas with actual films than anime. To be honest, lately I have only been editing songs that I get hooked on. It's sad. XD!
    But anyway, I digress.
    This is a product of that. I heard this song again when I was watching old videos and I saw Sage's video. I was always curious about the song, but forgot. But the other day, I decided to listen to it. Now I can't stop. XD
    For some reason the first anime I could think of was Tokyo Mew Mew. I haven't made a dark Tokyo Mew Mew video in such a looooooooong time, so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to edit this.
    This is also an outlet video. Lately, A LOT of home problems have been affecting my health and my sanity and I honestly just wish life could be a hell of a lot easier.... Really. So, considering that this song has to do with escaping or something along the lines of that, I decided once more, this will be the perfect opportunity to edit this song.

    Well, at first I was REALLY siked to make this video. But then, problems arose......
    First, I couldn't save the previews in .wmv format, so I had to play around with the rendering and shit which literally took one whole day of frustration.
    Then, the clips didn't want to process either so I was really close to giving up on it.
    Problems at home got worse and I kind of put down the project for a couple weeks. I recently picked it up again as I have had a couple ideas of what to fix and what not.
    I got MORE problems and put it back down for 2 or 3 months, do not remember and then was able to pick it up again and finally just edit!
    There's no real story.

    It's really just the Mews and how they all want to escape from being Mew Mews and just live a normal life.
    I hope everyone enjoys this, I worked pretty hard on it. ^^
    Scratch that, SUPER hard on this. XD

    Ciao, Minty~

    P.S. Credit goes towards all the artists that drew those pictures near the end. I wish I could credit them by name, but sadly I do not know them. :[ If you see your work, please let me know so I can credit you. :D

    ThePatchworkPossum: Pudding picture at 5:09

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