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  • Member: Domius
  • Title: -Live Forever-
  • Premiered: 2012-07-07
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    • Linkin Park Valentine's Day
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    >I started this video in August 2011, I worked so hard to finish it. This is the general plot: there is a girl who comes back home, riding her bike when suddenly loses the control of the bicycle. The girl remembered that few hours before found an object in the school that after will save her life, and object that will allow her to turn back time. The girl finds also that making a physical effort as running, she can activate the object. Coming back school, the girl goes to the place where she found the mysterious object but receives a message from his boyfriend. The girl sees that the mysterious object saved her life but demands something in exchange: her death will be replaced with someone that is close to her in the same place where the girl should have died. The girl canít save his boyfriend, so decides to turn back time one last time.

    Thanks to Pamela,Diego,Ciro and Stefano!

    Coups de Coeur category at "Japan Expo 2012"

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