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  • Member: xDreww
  • Studio: EBullientDesigns
  • Title: No Robots Go
  • Premiered: 2012-06-23
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  • Song:
    • Arcade Fire No Cars Go
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    My entry for the 2nd round of quickening. Didn't have NO clue what to do for this song..almost wanted to just drop it, couldn't think of any anime sources to match this song at ALL. Then This came to mind, and thought might as well give it a try. I guess I was trying to represent the place that robots go(which the song is saying nobody goes) but I wanted to think of something opposite in a way. The place they go, is a cafe where everyone is treated equally, if their human or robot. Can't really explain the mood I place in this's a bit difficult to explain. Just shows what goes down in this cafe, I tried my best to think of a plot, overall this is edit was pretty decent for me. Theres a few things that I wish I fixed, but was to lazy to go back and fix them. haha. Also thought this edit might look pretty sweet in 60fps. I couldn't help myself. =p. Again, About three days of editing for this round once again. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

    LOCAL - 60fps version.
    Direct - 29.970fps version.


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