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  • Member: Mally
  • Title: Magical Girls of Angels
  • Premiered: 2012-06-20
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    • Monty Are I Convey of Angels
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    Well, I make this very quickly. The rough cut in 2 - 3 days "I NEVER KNEW I COULD EDIT FAST DAMN YOU QUICKENING"..

    It's got a little concept.

    Basically, the magical girls of Madoka are struggling, then the Nanoha(other Magical Girl) watches the people of Nanoha struggle in their daily lives and decides to save em.

    This video could of had alot more scenes crossed over from one anime to another, but I wanted this video to be quite simple(Plus I was kinda a little lazy) sooo blah blah blah!!!


    Special thanks to:

    Nazar, Jeff, Luca.

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