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  • Member: ClaudiusValentine
  • Title: Gohan: Kryptonite (Revisited)
  • Premiered: 2012-06-09
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    • -3 Doors Down- Kryptonite
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  • Comments: Revisited..the collar is brighter new clips & HD original song the demo was in the last video...heres my DBZ video about everyones favorite character Gohan. first thing be happy i made this video this song is basically gohan's theme over the years i've seen a hole lot of gohan amv's with this song kryptonite yes goku is the main character of the hole series but after awhile mid way though we all just got tired of seeing goku this and goku that everyone just got into other characters like gohan vegeta Krillin Piccolo Tien Yamcha Bulma heck & even Mr. Satan was funny as hell when it came time for goku no one really cared anymore if he died we saw him brought back to life again and again and again so by that time no one really cared to much about him anymore people were gohan and vegeta fans more then any other character in all goku amv video's everyone is talking about gohan and vegeta not goku so what does that tell you not many cares for him anymore plain and simple.

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