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  • Member: JD_Lord1
  • Title: Little Cream Soda
  • Premiered: 2012-05-25
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    • The White Stripes Little Cream Soda
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  • Comments: Hewro!?

    This was an AMV I made to sort of get back into editing. I made it for the Fanime 2012 deadline and got 2nd place in judges awards for action! Woot! I had fun making it but now that I look back at it I think it may have some sync issues but... oh well. Oh well, oh well.

    I was inspired by youtube videos that play simple word for word lyric captions.

    What else? Well the song is kind of crazy and so I thought it fit pretty well with this crazy anime. I suggest listening to it extremely loud, like "just before it hurts the ears" loud.

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