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  • Member: TheLuminaireShow
  • Title: Starships Were Meant to Pierce the Heavens
  • Premiered: 2012-06-10
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    • Nicki Minaj Starships
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    **SMASH! 2012 AMV Contest - Judges Choice Award**

    Second video ever. Trying some new stuff out. This was the first time I experimented with After Effects however they're only used at the very beginning for the first scene, everything else was in Premiere again. I feel with more practice and more After Effects usage, I'll be able to create videos closer to how I envision them in my brain.

    As for the video itself, I found this song to be quite inspiring and arousing when I first heard it. The chorus just screams for a video like this, if you ask me. Originally I wanted to do more of a composite with more various anime, but due to lack of experience and available footage, I kept to one show. Overall, the video came out pretty well, but some parts are definitely better than others.

    As I said, the chorus came so naturally. Plenty of lyrical matching and nice use of overlays to get you riled up. The "throwdown", if you will, which I initially thought would come out as crap, didn't come out half bad when you get to speed up your footage to match the pace and you stick to the transformation and action scenes. On the other hand...

    Initially, for the other lyrical parts of the video, I figured there'd be a lot more and better footage to work with, which I wasn't entirely right about. There is an apparent dichotomy in the subject matter and style of the lyrics compared to the chorus. One's about partying, the other's about space. Go figure. The criticisms regarding my last video having a lack of focus, as a result, are not quite ameliorated here. It really is one the song for the most part, but it's my fault for picking the song in the first place. As a result, lyric matching is sometimes outright ignored in one or two scenes.

    On the bright side, I kept tacky transitions and effects to a minimum, and the pace and variety of them are far better than my first video. Whereas there I would lave 10+ seconds of some similar effect going and it follows the music far too closely, this one is less formulaic, and for the better.

    This was a first attempt at lip synching. Looking back it's used in far more parts than I anticipated but the scenes are so short you hardly notice until you go back and count. I think this works to the video's advantage since if those clips are so short, it doesn't really give you enough time to determine how natural or otherwise it may be.

    All in all this video took roughly 30 hours to complete over almost three months. It isn't quite how I anticipated it to turn out, but it's still a good time nonetheless, and certainly an improvement over my first video, if you ask me.

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