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  • Member: Pikachew
  • Studio: DoK Studios
  • Title: Redemption
  • Premiered: 2012-06-04
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    • Korn Kiss
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    I started reading the Elfen Lied manga again and had a very very bad case of the feels. I must say I must have bawled for at least a day. My friend suggested that I edit out my feels, and it's exactly what I did. I'm hoping I did a decent job at showing my feels in this video.

    Anyway, this video revolves around the bad deeds that Lucy/Nyu/Kaede has committed, and how those deeds affected her personally and inter-personally. There is focus on the male protagonist of this series, but hopefully that is made clear in the video itself. I tried to make it so that even people that haven't seen the anime understand the strained and conflicted feelings that Lucy has within herself regarding her deeds and Kouta, and how she eventually atones for those deeds.

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    Adobe Premiere CS3

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