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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Rejuvination Studios
  • Title: The Cell Games Remake
  • Premiered: 2012-05-28
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    • Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra No leaf clover
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    A long time ago, back when I was on dial up connection. Yes it was that long ago. I was searching for DBZ amvs to watch on an old p2p program. It might have been Kazaa or something like that back then. Anyways I found this DBZ video called "The Cell Games" made by someone
    at The song used was Metallica's No Leaf Clover. The video its self wasn't all that great. Metallica to DBZ how original can you get? Years go by and I completely forget about this vid until I'm going through some of my old stuff and happend to find a disc with DBZ amvs loaded on it. That's when I find this video again. I watch it a few times and get hooked on the song. Had the song stuck in my head for days. By this time I'm more into Metallica then I was back then.
    Kind of forgotten what the song was called as well since its been so long since I've heard it.
    The first thing that kind of annoyed me about the video was that the song was recorded live.
    Ugh, I hate live songs for one thing. You got the annoying crowd in the background, but luckily this song only had the crowd cheering only briefly in the beginning and towards the end.

    My main goal of remaking this vid was to get things more on sync. There was quite a few beats in the original video that were missed, especially the scenes with the Cell Jrs and several punches shared between Gohan and Cell. I thought to my self after watching it hundreds of times that this
    video could be better. But why remaster the vid when you can remake the whole entire vid from scratch and make it something completly different from the original? So that started off as my goal into getting this video rolling. I wanted to keep the original spirit of the vid intact but wanted to act like this video never existed in the first place so I could keep a fresh open mind on how to handle this project. I used the original video as a basis and guideline to see where I was.

    Since the original video used crappy televison capture most notably from the International Channel, I decided to use the Dragon Box dvds since they were the best choice. I could have used the Dragon Ball Z Kai sets but they aren't all out over here in the USA. Plus the episodes are trimmed down alot removing stuff I could have used in this vid. So the Dragon Boxes were a perfect choice.

    In the end of the original video the video abruptly ends with Cell blowing up with the crowd cheering being cut off. Its annoying with the crowd cheering but an abruptly end video is another thing. There is some cheering in the beginning of the song that the editor nicely removed and spliced so you can't hear the crowd. Now I don't have that kind of good luck with my audio editing skills so I left the thing in. I also left the crowd cheering at the end of the video as well but cut out the most annoying crowd cheer so there's very little to hear.

    This video can kind of been as a character profile on Gohan and Cell. The lyrics, ''like a frieght train coming your way'' can be implied to both of them.

    This video has two different styled endings. One is an alternate cut and one is the original ending that I originally planned. The alternate ending is the cut I came up with after finishing the original ending.

    The original video can be noted for as the same for amvs back in the day: bad music, terrible synced videos and songs that don't fit the amv at all!

    Original video and idea goes to the folks at DBUtopia. I don't know exactly what the editor's name is who originally made it. This is is just a reimagining / remake of the original video.

    Link to the original video in horrible tv footage:

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