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  • Member: xDreww
  • Studio: EBullientDesigns
  • Title: Caged
  • Premiered: 2012-05-28
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    • David Hodges The Rising
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    My entry for Big Contest 2012
    Placed 24th out of the final 34 videos.

    Started this video a week before the deadline, so it's pretty much rushed. I did had a pretty good amount of time working on this, point of the video was to kind of show the story of the anime. Girls are trapped into the unavoidable fate of being a magic girl. Dealing with fights, sadness, ect ect. Then Madoka couldn't take it anymore, and saves the day. Done deal. Nothing really big. Thank you for watching!
    Thanks To Overture for the help and advice.
    Thanks to my best friend Abztrackz for the awesome banner.


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