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  • Member: Magicflier
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: Just in Time
  • Premiered: 2012-05-12
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    • Skillet Hero (Legion of Doom Remix)
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    Youtube Description:
    My entry for Big Contest 2012;
    I wanted to edit to this song b/c of some inspiration by a friend that also edited this song. It didn't turn out quite as i planned in the end, so i wasn't really satisfied with this video; but i tried to improve it as much as i could imagine it within my power. Many rendering problems arose during editing this video, so i hope you guys can enjoy as much as the effort that I put myself through to put this together part by part.
    Seems like not a lot of people edit full-length action videos for this anime, so i just went all out with it. There is no storytelling whatsoever or deep concepts really, so it's just your average random action video. Only flare to it is that you don't get to see wonderful action videos for this anime. :D
    I did try to keep at least some kind of basic concept in mind while editing this, but it's done in a roundabout way. Thank god that i managed to finish this with the limited amount of scenes this anime has to offer. =w=)/

    Special Thanks to;
    -Nekkozie (slowly learning After Effects) :D
    -Hazuoi, InuYan, BioticAMVs, NiwaAUN

    INSPIRATION: TheFallenAngel25

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