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  • Member: Rendakor
  • Title: (FLCH) Flames of Chaos
  • Premiered: 2012-05-14
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    • System of a Down Toxicity
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  • Comments: This was my entry for Project Org Editor Season 2, Round 1; the element chosen was Fire.

    It's the story of a gamer girl who has a bad day, goes a little crazy and decides to blow things up. The final scene is intended to show her fully dedicating herself to the God of Flames (the kiss), realizing that she too ought to be consumed by fire, and blowing herself up.

    It's pretty short for two reasons; first because I only had a week to edit it but second and more importantly there wasn't a whole lot of footage to work with. 90% of the video comes from a single episode, with the rest being the explosions from the rest of the fight scenes in FLCL. I'm not really sure what I could have done even after the contest to make the video use the whole song.

    This is my first time doing any kind of audio editing; I had initially just used the first verse and first chorus of the song, then ended on a fadeout during the soft instrumental thereafter. However, a video about fiery destruction should not end on a fadeout! So, right before the last "disorder" in the chorus, I cut to the last chorus and added the song's real ending ("When I became the son...") to give the video more impact.

    Hope you like the vid!

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