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  • Member: aoisenshi
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: Living in the Dark
  • Premiered: 2012-05-15
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    • Pillar Secrets And Regrets
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    Yes. I know. I'm not dead. Wow... 8D...

    Lol. So, I've seen the new Kenshin OVA yesterday and well... as some of you might expect... this happened. =3=; I am quite pleased with how they handled it, though I wish it were a bit longer... (I really don't see the point in cutting the OVA into two parts.. o_e;) But otherwise, Kenshin is so adorable in it... =w=

    I did this today and it was done rather quick, so don't expect much of it, really - mostly at the end since I started to lack footage there. But don't worry, even though most of you all think I'm dead, I'm not actually! I do edit from time to time - I just need to find the courage to finish them, that's all. X'D

    I'll do a more prettier RK AMV once the second OVA is out. In the meantime, enjoy!

    For Mayu. Ilu. :'3

    Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1: Shin Kyoto-Hen Zenpen Homura no Ori
    Song: Secrets and Regrets
    Artist: Pillar

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