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  • Member: killeragosta90
  • Studio: revived studio
  • Title: FrienDream
  • Premiered: 2012-04-23
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  • Song:
    • Empire of The Sun Walking On A Dream
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    I made this in one day for the "Eden's Ironchef - Stylize 4th Impact".


    -Storyline: This video haven't a real storyline, is for the most part a no-sense amv. In spite of that, i tried to give a minimum of significance, describing the story of two best friends who meet in a dream.

    -Concept: I tried to make something else, but isn't easy for an IC contest. I tried to follow the music as much as possible, like a music video instead of a classic amv.

    -Editing: I used a clean editing, hard cut, little camera movement with the pan/crop, a little use of track motion and a "playing with aspect ratio" for make it look as much as possible at a mix of a music video and an amv. I know, this isn't nothing special but I edited this in a short time, i don't love ic contest.

    -Footage and Encoding: For make this I used only one particular OVA, Kono Danshi Uchuu-jin to Tatakaemasu. I used avisynth, sony vegas for editing and zarxgui 2.0 for encoding (thanks to mirskosp for the advice). Sorry for the quality but the source wasn't one of the best. :-/


    Ok, that's all! :) I enjoyed making this video, this song with this anime really inspired me! :3 Sorry if I've wrote all these things but when I make an amv, I like let know that I make; i can't help it. :-/
    Thanks at all for your attention!....and...i know, this is a strange amv, but i hope you like :D

    P.S. i'm sorry for the grammatical errors but i speak little english.

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