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  • Member: Eake4
  • Studio: Reflex Productions
  • Title: Utopia
  • Premiered: 2012-04-23
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  • Song:
    • Manafest Pushover
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  • Comments: KImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    now my Conditions:
    2 episodes of Fate.Zero Convertered
    5cm/Sec was Scripted but not converted (O.o)
    All other anime were converted
    Time left: Around 32 hours but honestly i need upload time and rendering and obviously sleep and Internet so I had about 8 hours. Out of that 8 hours, 3 were spent on editing and the rest were for watching anime lazily while my anime converts -.-

    My entry for Eden Team's IC:

    I started editing the IC about 40 hours after The music pack was released so I basically rushed a bit. This was all edited together in 1 day and sent by FTP to the guys at Eden Team a few hours before the time limit. The video is quite random but in an IC and under time pressure, theres no ideas streaming to my head and thus I kept forgetting things which I needed to improve on. In the end though I managed to fix everything which wasnt too good.

    I choose this because some scenes were not all scenes were smoother and also just because i wanted to test out twixtor again :D
    48fps is Double PAL film so i just rendered a Lossless file of my first edit, brought it to AE to do some Twixtor and colour correction, and to edit a fast credits part. I like the idea of Doubling 24/23.976 fps instead of having 60 (double ntsc) which would give off-syncing by a bit and a larger file size.

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