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  • Members (9): GuntherAMVs, Ileia, Pocho_Love, Radical_Yue, Replay Studios, alchemymini, joserbuitrago, l33tmeatwad, pacotacoshell
  • Title: ODE TO LOLI LOVE (and Shin.. him too)
  • Premiered: 2012-04-11
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    • Oingo Boingo Little Girls
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    So, a few of us got together to bring Shin a happy birthday... this is what became of it.

    A big "HAPPY DERPDAY" to Shin :D. You're one of the best editors out there and we think a lot of you, Mr. Editor of the Year, so we hope this video lets you know that ^_^

    Super special awesome thanks to all the guests who stepped in to take up parts--Meatwad, Bobby, Yue, Paco, Jose, Todd, Ileia, Ryan--You all are amazing x3 *huggle*


    1) Meatwad:

    2) Cassie:

    3) Bobby:

    3.5) Ryan's Waitress Boobs:

    4) Tiff:

    5) Summer:

    6) Yue:

    7) Paco:

    8) Jose:

    9) Todd:

    10) Ileia:

    11) Ryan:

    ............... hm... needs more twitch.

    Fun Fact: We TOTALLY convinced him it was some random hate vid. Previous description---"ShinAMVs iz a fraud, and no one carez about his stupid vidz, cuz dey all make no sense, and he stealz half of them aniwayz so he has a big ego and his head is so big it blocks the sun and then we all die from ice age and he laughs because hes a jerk and no 1 likes him because of his mustache and creeper beard and he SMELLZ BAD because he rolls around in troll garbage and meat all the timez because he can't help himself from being a pedo


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